Video Help Center

How to Videos for the Magic Property Leads Platform

Platform Demo

A full demo of the platform describing its features and functions.

Setting up a Voicemail Drop Campaign

How to set up and schedule a voicemail drop campaign.

Setting Up an SMS Campaign

How to setup and schedule your SMS text campaigns.

Setting up a Call Route Group

How to set up a call route group and provision your phone numbers.

Uploading a List to Send to

How to upload your data list into the platform to sen your messages to.

Setting up an IVR

How to setup an IVR in the platform.

Purchasing a Number to Send From

How to purchase a phone number inside of the platform to send messages from.

Recording an Audio File

How to record an upload an audio file for Ringless Voicemails and IVR’s.

Messenger and Reply Texts

How to use the messenger and reply to SMS text messages.